About the Show

What Christine was thinking...

Joon was teaching an Everyday MBA class for the San Diego Chamber back in 2008 and that is where I first met him. His class was amazing (Look I even still have the binder and all of the notes from the 10 week course!).

I'm always intrigued by people that can not only name the correct founder of large corporations but also can tell unique stories about how they truly got their start. It might be viewed as useless information to the average 9-5'er, but entrepreneurs love hearing the "We started in the garage and now we are a multi-billion dollar company" stories and Joon can pull all of these stories right out of his back pocket.

I'm a big fan of podcast and weekly internet TV shows and since I eat, sleep, breathe business, so when Joon approached me back in December 2011, I jumped at the chance. Those who know me already know my passion for business and helping other entrepreneurs (or soon-to be) so it's exciting to be able to reach a large number of people on a weekly basis.

Joon's take...

I'm always excited to join forces with successful entrepreneurs that I respect and know that have the right heart of service for other business owners and Christine fits the bill perfectly on all accounts. She is in many ways the perfect formula for a successful entrepreneur and I'm glad that more and more people know about her through the show.

Knowing full well her marketing prowess, I figured with both of our marketing machines in action that we could reach and serve so many more business owners out there than by ourselves.

And in the end, ever since the day I met her, I always just wanted to have an excuse to do a project of some kind with Christine. She was easily the most successful business owner in the many classes that I've taught over the years. Her appreciation for a full and successful life is really contagious so who wouldn't want to be around that as much as possible... thanks Christine!