About Joon S. Han

Joon is the strategic mastermind that sadly, too many business owners never get to meet. His keen eye for seeing advantages where others only see roadblocks has transformed businesses of all shapes and flavors. Though others sometimes argue with his straight-shooting, no-holds-barred style; his results always speak for themselves.

Joon stopped taking new client work years ago to focus solely on his book Get Ahead by Giving Back and the awesome, four-day training event that came out of it: "Give Getters Rule!".

This exciting and highly acclaimed book, Get Ahead by Giving Back reveals the hidden way that the most successful business people have gotten to the top via the secret combination of strategic thinking... and generosity?!

This message is for all of you decent, well-meaning folks trying to thrive in the cut-throat, dog-eat-dog world of business and helps you focus your generosity for lasting business success. Oh, it also happens to be a brilliant global, cross-cultural, millennial business and social entrepreneurship strategy.

Joon is the founder of Better San Diego, a strategic alignment company committed to forging a better San Diego one organization at a time. Strategic alignment is the process of consistently achieving customer loyalty through the dynamic combination of a strong and unique strategy, organizational excellence and disciplined leadership. This is accomplished through a special amalgam of the best practices from the consulting and coaching industries. It is his passion to work with leaders to develop and understand solutions so that they "learn how to fish" instead of "just getting a fish for today."

Joon has been developing leaders for over 19 years and implementing strategic systems thinking since '96. He has served leading organizations ranging from Fortune 20, world-class universities, Inc 500, top-notch tech, regional non-profits and even the restaurant and small business just down your street. This unique cross-section of industry experience allows him to bring an innovative and time-tested perspective to every results-driven client solution. He is a sought after speaker and has been challenging and inspiring groups since '90. In the end, what gives Joon an absolute rush is helping leaders grow from being busy to very effective.

He is also the author of the book, Get Ahead by Giving Back, which helps decent, well-meaning people achieve the success they deserve. Joon also contributes pertinent business articles for various publications, association newsletters and radio.

Joon founded Better San Diego to make a difference in his beloved city and when in his own words "I realized that I don't make a very good employee." In addition to his specialist duties with Better San Diego he serves as President for Hope in the City, a non-profit focused on leadership development and systemic solutions for the City Heights community; although participation in the education of his children routinely trumps both obligations. He resides in beautiful San Diego where he graduated from UCSD with a BS in Molecular Biology and met his wife. Joon enjoys the magicianship of Penn & Teller® and his two major pet peeves are when people say "could care less" instead of "couldn't care less" and when folks speak on leadership when they haven't really led anything in their life.

You can count on Joon to stay in the know on current developments that affect small business owners like you!

More about Give Getters Rule!

Welcome to the world's most inspiring, practical and effective small business training event!

Ever since we started doing presentations on our upcoming book Get Ahead by Giving Back'- we've heard from all over the world that we're addressing a very important need for small business owners. So we pulled out all the stops and created this powerful, world-class training specifically for you to transform your business in real-time.

'Give Getters Rule!' is dedicated to helping decent, well-meaning people like you get the lasting business success that you deserve... so sign up for your free training videos and see what it's all about.

Held in beautiful San Diego only twice a year, this four-day, one-of-a-kind event will actually change your business with proven training and strategies built just for you. You've really never experienced anything like the program we created for you; simply put- if Oprah did a training conference for small businesses this would be it!

Whether you're scratching and clawing just to survive or enjoying a steady position as your market leader; this is easily one of the most important business investments you'll make this year so see you here in San Diego!

What Christine thinks about Joon...

I'm not sure I've met someone that knows as much as Joon about the inner-workings of so many companies starting from Fortune 20 all the way down to regional success stories here in San Diego and as much as I'm always reading about marketing and social media he's just as read up on strategy and operations and I think that is awesome! He's truly a business geek in the best way possible. I would say the aspect of Joon that I appreciate the most is that even though he is very well read and super-intellegent, he exerts a lot of skill and effort to make sure that world-class business concepts are highly accessible and applicable for the rest of us earthlings ;-)

Many people don't realize this because of his laid-back style, low profile and heart for service, but Joon doesn't make public the full extent of his business reputation as he is the behind-the-scenes advisor for so many leading businesses and non-profit orgs throughout the country. It really is astounding how many prominent, "A-list" leaders turn to Joon for straightforward strategic counsel and for their own professional and personal development. I know he takes very seriously the fact that he is quietly the "go to" guy for so many leaders, (I always tease him for not being more public about this. He is like a top-secret business ninja). Hardly a week goes by without Joon being taken out for lunch or coffee just so that leaders can get his perspective and advice on leading their board, improving their organizations and being more effective leaders.

Two other things that I don't think anyone knows about Joon are:

  1. Because he was raised by a mom who has a PhD in Clinical Psychology; he understands an absurd amount of the science behind people's buying and interaction behaviors. An absurd amount.
  2. Despite his intimidating business presence, he probably has quite a bit more in common with working moms than anyone else in business as he loves doing all the traditional "mom" stuff (ie. PTA meetings, volunteering at school, driving on field trips, cooking dinner, etc). Lots of men in business say that they put their family first but Joon really proves it with his time and attention, which I think is awesome! He loves his lifestyle of being available for his family above all else so that's a great reminder for all of us.
I consider it a privilege and crazy ride doing this project with him every week because of his sense of humor as well as his business knowledge and psychology. It's a such a fun experience to be around someone that is so consistently strategic in their approach to life and he is truly in his own words, a GiveGetter!