About Christine McDannell

Christine is the "must-have" secret weapon for businesses trying to outpace their competition. Her endless reservoir of proven and innovative marketing methods make her a gold mine for any business owner smart enough to work with her. So long as you don't let her success intimidate you, you'll be amazed at what you'll learn from this rockstar of marketing.

Christine McDannell is Co-Owner and President at Social Starfish, a full service Social Media marketing firm that customizes and manages Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, eNewsletters, and much more. On May 1st of 2010, Christine successfully sold Cleanology, an eco-friendly house cleaning company that she successfully built and nurtured from the ground up in just six years. She started it for three figures ($300 for a vacuum and cleaning supplies) and sold it for six figures.

In June of 2011, Christine decided to launch a sub-division of Social Starfish, Profit With Daily Deals, which deals with the exploding industry of Daily Deal sites (Groupon). She consults with business owners wanting to launch their deal by negotiating directly with the daily deal site, creating an up-sell process, and setting up an automated follow-up system so the business owner can reap the benefits of the deal for months and years to come. She is also currently consulting with multiple daily deal companies by helping them grow their subscriber lists quickly and obtain their dream merchants to feature.

Last, but not least, she is also the owner of Adopt-A-Christmas-Tree, which is an eco-friendly alternative to cut or artificial trees for the holidays. This business has been featured in Oprah magazine, the front page of the San Diego Union Tribune, NBC, Fox News, and on many other media outlets.

Christine has received numerous awards for her achievements, including 2009 Business Person of the Year from the San Diego District of the Small Business Administration. Christine is also active in the community. She currently serves as the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and membership coordinator for the San Diego Glazer-Kennedy Marketing Group. In her spare time (believe it or not, she does have spare time) she enjoys reading, running, cooking, and traveling.

Joon's take on Christine...

Christine is simply a marketing genius! You're not going to find a better combination of real-life business experience plus encyclopedic marketing knowledge than what she brings to the table. She's a "pro's pro" and in many ways is the perfect formula for a successful entrepreneur because of her: never-ending quest for more knowledge and effective information, relentless drive and impeccable follow through. And to top it all off, Christine is a phenomenal relationship builder! So I try hard not to be jealous of her skill set and talents... and most days I fail.

All of us that know her in business refer to her as a rockstar marketer because of the sheer amount of marketing strategies, tactics and examples at her disposal. Unlike a lot of marketing-type of folks out there, she always has her eye on real, measurable and highly profitable ROI- not fictional results or wishful thinking. The thing I like best about Christine in terms of marketing is that she knows it's not just one magic marketing thing that makes anyone successful but instead, a hundred little marketing things that do the trick... and she easily has thousands of marketing ideas in her bag of tools.

I don't know anyone that hasn't dramatically improved their businesses from listening to her expert marketing advice and using her tools. She's always up on the latest resources out there for business owners and for that reason alone is a super-handy person to follow around.

Sure, most people know about her expertise on Social Media and Daily Deals kind of stuff but her most lucrative lines of business are her marketing strategies consulting and her business coaching. She's really the secret weapon for her clients and they quietly pass her only onto their closest business colleagues so that competitors don't even hear about her services. I don't know if she wants these services to stay this secretive but I know she gets compensated pretty well for her exclusivity and so it probably doesn't matter much either way. [Editor's Note: I guess the secret is out now... thanks for nothing Joon.]

A couple of things that Christine is secretly awesome at are...

  • Even though she seems to just naturally put together awesome marketing ideas for herself and her strategic partners, the main reason that she can put so many great ideas into play seemingly right away is that she spends time testing, building and improving smart and reliable systems for those parts of her business. It's one of the things that folks end up paying her a lot of money for and is a huge hidden advantage for her.
  • I simply would never want to go head to head versus Christine in business (so it's a good thing we're pals and collaborative partners!). A powerful key for her success comes in the way she follows through on what she learns. While you and others might attend a conference or training of some kind and then walk away not necessarily changed by that experience any time soon; Christine will actually start applying her newfound knowledge and techniques right away. Her consistency in this is why so many successful business owners turn to her for their coaching needs.

It's rare to find such a successful person in business that everyone (and I mean everyone) speaks so highly of and genuinely likes! I figure it's a good thing to be around such a high-quality professional even if just for the hope that some of her positive shine rubs off on me someway, somehow. And so it's obviously a huge honor to do this project with her every week. Thanks Christine!