Costco - Our Favorite Companies Series (Episode 52)

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In this episode, business experts Joon S. Han and Christine McDannell discuss the many things that go into making Costco (Joon's absolute favorite company) an awesome company and how we can improve our businesses with some of the things they have proven that work in business.

Costco - Our Favorite Companies Series (Episode 52)

Posted 10:21 AM - July 24, 2012

Joon S. Han

Joon is the strategic mastermind that sadly, too many business owners never get to meet. His keen eye for seeing advantages where others only see roadblocks has transformed businesses of all shapes and flavors. Though others sometimes argue with his straight-shooting, no-holds-barred style; his results always speak for themselves.

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Christine McDannell

Christine is the "must-have" secret weapon for businesses trying to outpace their competition. Her endless reservoir of proven and innovative marketing methods make her a gold mine for any business owner smart enough to work with her. So long as you don't let her success intimidate you, you'll be amazed at what you'll learn from this rockstar of marketing.

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